Handling Services

We like dogs, and  we enjoy working and living with them, so dogs are not just our business – they’re an important part of our life.

We give the dogs in our care the sort of treatment we would want our own dogs to receive.

We understand that dogs, like people, are individuals and have individual needs – we cater to those needs. Whether it’s a special diet, or coat conditioning, or an exercise program, or a medical condition requiring special care we make the “program to fit the dog”.

We spend time with each dog individually because we know how important it is that a special rapport should exist between a show dog and the handler.

We think that “play time” is as important for the dogs as it is for people, and the dogs need time to just “hang out and be dogs”.  Dogs in our care get a chance to run and play in a large fenced yard, spend time as “house dogs” and get taken for walks when the weather is nice.

We are totally committed to excellence – not only in our presentation in the show ring, but in all aspects of the care and conditioning of every dog entrusted to us.

It is our belief that for these dogs only the best is good enough…